Apicius #2


In this issue:

• Philippe Regol: Avant-garde, Globalization and New Terroirs

• Citrus Fruits. The Acid Trip.
Trip One: Michael Troisgros
Trip Two: Yumiko Aihara. Pascal Barbot
Trip Three: Santiago Orts. Rodrigo de la Calle
Trip Four: Corrado Assenza 

• Enrico Cerea, Roberto Cerea & Paolo Rota: Raw Fish 

• The Missing Link
Xosé Torres Cannas: Lamprey of the 21st Century
Michel Guérard: Lamprey of the 20th Century

• Eneko Atxa: Stealing the Soul of Mother Nature
• Pino Cuttaia: Pure Sicily
• Roger Viusà: I Love Thea! The biography of tea.
• Will Goldfarb: American Beauty

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