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Willequipped: The Modern Chef's Toolbox

Three years ago on a fateful day in winter, Chef Will Goldfarb satisfied his vision of bringing affordable quantities of industrial ingredients for all of your molecular cooking needs. The results are still being enjoyed by thousands of satisfied users around the country and the world.

Chef Goldfarb answers the demand for hard to find kitchen tools, including the new essentials of modern cookery molecular gastronomy equipment.

In addition to Willpowder products for: Emulsification, Spherification, Gelification, Thickening, Foam, Transformation, and Flavoring, you can now find all of the latest tools to turn your kitchen into a 21st century laboratory!


From the liquid nitrogen dewar you need to freeze your spumas to the flame gram scale you need to weigh your “ingredients,” Willequipped offers the professional chef and enthusiast the chance to work with the latest equipment and prepare the greatest creations from the world’s most cutting edge chefs.

Molecular cooking versus molecular gastronomy
Molecular gastronomy refers to the science of understanding the basic processes in the kitchen, as defined by Herve This and Nicholas Kurti. In recent years, it has come to define a category of ingredients, previously used in commercial food production, but now integral to cutting edge modern high gastronomy. Molecular cooking is a term used to describe application of technological advances in the modern kitchen. Let Willequipped get your motors running!

Willequipped is the 21st century kitchen.
Professional chefs are familiar with the difficulty of obtaining obscure tools. For chefs interested in testing out new ideas, or developing variations on existing ideas, there is not a reliable source for hard-to-find kitchen wares.

Willequipped makes it happen for chefs with innovative product selection, special “industry” pricing, and an unparalleled personalized attention.

In this current economic climate, you owe it to yourself and your clients to utilize the latest technologies, allowing for maximum efficiencies and overall bottom line savings. Let Willequipped design a custom system based on your needs!

Looking for that distinctive web address, industrial design solution, food stylist or photographer? Let the Willequipped team get to work at making your business stand out from the crowd!

Chef Will Goldfarb has spent the better part of a decade scouring the world for the best products from the worlds most innovative chefs. Let us share them with you!

Chef Will Goldfarb has spent the better part of a decade scouring the world for the best products from the worlds most innovative chefs.


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